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A unique event - an International Forum of local suppliers of automotive components - took place on August 28, in Moscow within the frames of the 9th international exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto. The forum program, among others, included a briefing of experts where Mikhaylovskiy V.V., Director of NP Respect participated.

The briefing theme was "Engineering, Standardization, Quality. A New approach to Spare Parts Production". Experts from General Motors, Nissan Manufacturing RUS, Kamaz OJSC, Association of automobile engineers as well as heads of certification bodies and large industrial Russian companies took part in this forum.

The attendees had many topics for discussion: standardization and quality; state support and elaboration of technological policy; science and automotive industry; modernization problems, access to global innovations, perspectives of global integration and many others. But anyway the main problem that nearly every reporter referred to was a great number of counterfeit product on the market that results in a lack of motivation for prospective investors and of healthy competition, an increase of the potential transport danger and a lack of credence to national suppliers of components.

Numerous reasons for such situation have been expressed, including inferiority of the national legal basis, lack of efficient control and uniform requirements both for assembly components and aftermarket parts. The problem solution could be a use of the foreign experience. And first of all it relates to ant- counterfeit committees, experience in the elaboration of clear standards and criteria for counterfeit product. An experience of global automotive manufacturers concerning evaluation of production processes could be also valuable.

Based on the meeting results a decision has been made to introduce an analysis of the experience of application of counterfeit standards and their harmonization and creation of a corresponding technical committee in the standardization plan for the coming year as a first step to stabilize and improve situation in the national auto market.





On June 26 during the First International Automotive Forum «Autointegration»-2015 held in «Zhiguli Valley»by ACSR (Automotive Cluster of the Samara region) there was a presentation of the QMStatus project. The event was attended by the director of NP «RESPECT» Vladimir Mikhailovsky and the project manager of QMStatus® Vadim Bushuev.  Read more...


On 06.11.13 at Opel in Rüsselsheim (Germany) QSB symposium for GM (Europe) vendors took place.  Bridge Group Russia, a strategic partner NP RESPECT, also participated in this business event.. Read more...


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