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  • Safety certificate of vehicle design
    Vehicle Design Safety Certificate (hereinafter referred to as " the VDS Certificate") is a document attesting that a singular vehicle (SV)* conforms with the requirements of the Technical Regulations On Wheeled Vehicles Safety approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation  of September 10, 2009, No.720.
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  • Approval of the vehicle type
    Wheeled vehicles of L, M, N, and O categories meant for use on public roads, as well as their chassis used on the territory of the Russian Federation have to undergo assessment for compliance with current standards (harmonised with UNECE Rules). The assessment is carried out in the form of vehicle type approval.
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  • Product compliance certificate
    A compliance certificate is a document attesting that the product complies with the requirements of technical regulations, standards and codes. A compliance certificate is required for trading products on the local market and for customs clearance when importing products into the Russian Federation.
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  • Service compliance certificate
    A service compliance certificate is a document attesting the compliance of services (car servicing, motor transportation, forwarding services, retail trading, price assessment, etc. as per the All-Russian Classifier of Services Rendered to the Public) with the requirements of national and corporate standards and codes.
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  • QMS-Certificate
  • Emission class compliance certificate
    Special technical regulations "On Requirements to Emissions of Motor Vehicles Used in the Russian Federation" establish environmental norms for all the automotive vehicles used on the Russian territory and imported into the country. These norms subdivide all the automotive vehicles into emission classes.
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  • Conclusion on amend the vehicle structure
  • Examination during the state control (supervision)
  • Declaration of product conformity
    A declaration of conformity is a document that confirms compliance of your products to the established safety requirements. A conformity declaration is required when you are planning to import products into Russia; their mandatory conformity assessment can be effected in the form of a declaration.
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  • Assist in the development of technical specifications and standards
    Technical specifications are a document regulating the requirements for manufacturing products including those not standardised in Russia. Technical specifications are elaborated at the discretion of the customer and are one of the criteria for receiving a Vehicle Type Approval, Compliance Certificate, and Certificate of Origin.
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  • Testings in the European technical services
  • Technical review and consulting
    Certification of automotive industry products, primarily vehicles, requires deep and profound knowledge of the matter, as well as practical experience of handling such issues. As a rule, this type of certification has its own peculiarities and different ways of attaining the required result brought about by many factors and circumstances.
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On June 26 during the First International Automotive Forum «Autointegration»-2015 held in «Zhiguli Valley»by ACSR (Automotive Cluster of the Samara region) there was a presentation of the QMStatus project. The event was attended by the director of NP «RESPECT» Vladimir Mikhailovsky and the project manager of QMStatus® Vadim Bushuev.  Read more...


On 06.11.13 at Opel in Rüsselsheim (Germany) QSB symposium for GM (Europe) vendors took place.  Bridge Group Russia, a strategic partner NP RESPECT, also participated in this business event.. Read more...


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