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Technical review and consulting

Certification of automotive industry products, primarily vehicles, requires deep and profound knowledge of the matter, as well as practical experience of handling such issues. As a rule, this type of certification has its own peculiarities and different ways of attaining the required result brought about by many factors and circumstances. Automotive industry has a very wide product range that is difficult to classify and identify. The products are manufactured to a multitude of standards and codes. That is why it is vital to clarify all the issues before certification as they might pose difficulties even for those who have obtained such certificates before.

The staff of Certification center "Respect" will provide you with comprehensive advice and will help you find an optimal solution. Furthermore, our specialists can consult you on areas not related to certification and obtaining other official documents, namely:

  1. Selection and comparative assessment of equipment used for maintaining and repairing automatic telephone stations;
  2. Recommendations for personnel training;
  3. Determining the necessity to conduct field audit of a manufacturing facility and its operational safety, as well as the scope of such audit;
  4. Document templates for rendering services and establishing operational procedures;
  5. Specific contact details and ways of interacting with organisations that are instrumental for manufacturing and service businesses;
  6. Scientific & technical, methodological, and metrological support;
  7. Organizing and holding seminars, conferences, consultations, demonstrations, presentations, etc.

Over the 10 years of its operation "RESPECT" has accumulated enough information on these areas of expertise. Our specialists will diligently tackle your problems, answer all the questions within their competence, and provide you with recommendations as to whose assistance you might use.

In order to be consulted on an issue (problem) that concerns you, please feel free to contact our staff members at +7 (812) 333 20 01 or by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In order to receive consultation you can also fill in our online request form.





On June 26 during the First International Automotive Forum «Autointegration»-2015 held in «Zhiguli Valley»by ACSR (Automotive Cluster of the Samara region) there was a presentation of the QMStatus project. The event was attended by the director of NP «RESPECT» Vladimir Mikhailovsky and the project manager of QMStatus® Vadim Bushuev.  Read more...


On 06.11.13 at Opel in Rüsselsheim (Germany) QSB symposium for GM (Europe) vendors took place.  Bridge Group Russia, a strategic partner NP RESPECT, also participated in this business event.. Read more...


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