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Product compliance certificate

Product certification is an assessment of vehicle type components conformity to requirements of the technical regulations before their introduction into use on the market of the Russian Federation.

The manufactured product conformity to the requirements of technical regulations is certified in an obligatory order according to Global technical rules, national standards and UNECE rules.

The certification body "RESPECT” collaborates with manufacturers of vehicles and auto spare parts in more than 15 countries, in that number USA, Italy, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, India etc. Our customers include manufacturers of spare parts for such companies as "AutoVAZ", "KamAZ", group of companies "GAZ", General Motors, assembly plants located in Saint Petersburg, Tatarstan, in Ulianovsk, Kaluga and Leningrad regions.

To conduct a product certification with registration and issue of the certificate of compliance, the applicant shall submit an application to the certification body and shall present necessary evidentiary materials and documents.

The evidentiary documents may include:

  • general technical description of spare parts;
  • evidentiary materials (protocols of certified tests, information about official design type approval in correspondence to UNECE rules, other corresponding evidentiary materials confirming the compliance);
  • certificates of QM system correspondence;
  • maintenance manual, drawings, technical conditions, other documents containing requirements to components;
  • list of components supplied as spare parts;
  • copies of vehicle type approvals (chassis type  approval).

In individual cases an applicant can submit documents according to a list approved by the certification body.

The organizational chart of the certification body is set up in such a way, when a sequence of operations of each employee is clearly defined and allows to perform simultaneously up to 10 certifications.

If an applicant presents a complete package of documents, including evidentiary basis, a certificate will be issued within 3 days.

If additional tests are required, a certificate can be issued within 14 days.

If the production needs to be inspected, the certificate issue period can be extended.

The approximate cost of certification services.

Several factors define period and cost of the certificate issue such as product, availability of previously issued certificates, product type, peculiarities of laboratory tests, certification scheme (batch, contract, serial manufacturing) and etc.

Depending on volume and work content the certification cost will be:

  • emission class compliance certificate- from 1500 RUR
  • certification of the vehicle components - from 7000 RUR
  • VTA certificate for trailers - from 30000 RUR
  • VTA certificate for vehicles - from 60000 RUR.

For further information and consultations please feel free to contact our staff members at +7 (812) 333 20 01 or by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . To order a product compliance certificate you can also fill in our online request form.





On June 26 during the First International Automotive Forum «Autointegration»-2015 held in «Zhiguli Valley»by ACSR (Automotive Cluster of the Samara region) there was a presentation of the QMStatus project. The event was attended by the director of NP «RESPECT» Vladimir Mikhailovsky and the project manager of QMStatus® Vadim Bushuev.  Read more...


On 06.11.13 at Opel in Rüsselsheim (Germany) QSB symposium for GM (Europe) vendors took place.  Bridge Group Russia, a strategic partner NP RESPECT, also participated in this business event.. Read more...


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