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Safety certificate of vehicle design

Vehicle Design Safety Certificate hereinafter referred to as the VDS Certificate is a document attesting compliance of a singular vehicle (SV)* with the requirements of the Technical Regulation "On Safety of the Wheeled Vehicles" approved by  the Government order No.720 dd.10/09/2009.

For the customs clearance of the SV the VDS Certificate should be submitted regarding

  • buses, trucks and trailers (categories M2, M3, N2, N3, O) - from  23/09/2010;
  • regarding motor vehicles, automobiles and trucks with the weight  up to 3.5t (categories L, M1 and N1) - from 01/07/2011.

The VDSC shall be made on a special printed numbered form containing unique protection marks.

This certificate can be issued only by the testing laboratories accredited and authorized by the Russian ROSSTANDARD.The testing laboratory of the Certification Center "RESPECT" has been registered under number ROSS RU.001.21MT77 and included  in the Register of Organizations authorized by the Russian Federal Accreditation Service (Rosakkreditatsiya) to conduct   conformity assessment of a SV and to issue VDS Certificates.

To obtain a VDS Certificate, it is required to perform procedure established by the Technical Regulations, according to which an Applicant  shall submit to the testing laboratory an application  for conformity  assessment of the  SV  and  shall provide a relevant vehicle for inspection.


*A singular vehicle is a vehicle manufactured in the Russian Federation as a result of the batch production with changes to its design implemented prior to its introduction to use, or manufactured in the Russian Federation as an individual unit from an assembly set, or manufactured by an individual, or imported into the Russian Federation by a natural person for his/her own needs, or imported into the Russian Federation from a batch previously approved to participate in road traffic outside the territory of the Russian Federation, or introduced into use from a batch manufactured under the governmental defence order. Singular vehicles may include an automobile, an autobus, a trolley bus, a specialized passenger vehicle, a special or specialized truck, a trailer or a  semitrailer for automobiles and trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters and quadracycles, a moped, a motorized bicycle, a mokick, a motorcycle, a motor scooter, a tricycle, and a quadracycle.





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